Webinar Reflection

Today in the library we had a webinar. It was to teach you how to keep safe online and to know what a scam is and what to do. We were online using a chat box to type in the answers and we were in groups of two. It teaches you how to know if […]


The day was misty.  Someone shouted “stop!”  Then I saw someone frantically waving there arms in front of me, but it was too late, I hit them with my car. Then my windscreen was covered in crimson coloured blood. There  I was scarred for life, I did not know what to do.. I didn’t want […]


He was weeing in the wind and that’s when he felt a pane coming from his rectum. then due to the pure pressure building in his rectum, his torso shot up into a jet star plane as it travelled to Singapore.    When he arrived in Singapore he looked for KFC and he asked for some […]

At The Skate park

Oh my god, I am about to do my first drop in. This is scary, my legs are shaking. I do not know what to do. If I back out of it, I will look stupid and if I do it, I will fall headfirst and brake my neck. This is not good, everyone is […]


Australia day is a nation holiday  but it is when captain cock landed  on Australia and be for it was called Australia day. people reinated it but now its called Australia day was just have BBQ or go to the beach or we don,t do anything.

100 word chalnge .

Lost in the rain forest running out of supplies and we dont know whats ahed 5 days later “Whats that sande.” “its the treesDont get ahed of your salf .””Whats for dener.” “Chrail mix.” “Agen” “I’m not going down there now wood you.” “No” “So just eat what you got okay.” “Any way i think […]

My new Nephew

Recently my nephew has been born and he is so funny, when he wants to be. Otherwise he is sleeping or having a nappy change, playing or having a bath. It has been fun to look after him, he can be annoying at night by waking everyone up. He can roll on his side and […]

B T N Tassie devils

1. Tasmanian devils are facing distinction due to a facial cancer caused when they scratch each other,A virus causes the cancer and there is no cure. they are hoping that breading in captivity will save the Tasmanian devil by stopping them being affected by the virus and it dying out.     2. the cancer […]

100 word challenge

The planet Pluto might be a planet once again because the definition of a planet has changed. Pluto is still a dwarf planet but it might change.       why is to small     has any one went to Pluto what is Puto