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March 2017

100 word challenge

BANG! I’m feeling scared. I don’t know when I will get to go home. I am a witch hunter. If the god gets released our lives will be doomed. I hope to see my infant son and my wife again…. Continue Reading →

Two convicts stole a place in history

1.In early Australia the guards got horrible pay and they suffered from brutality and homesickness. Some Guards wanted to get caught stealing so they could get sent to Australia as a convict and a better life. Instead they get put… Continue Reading →

100 word challenge

“Touch the flower gingerly son.” “okay dad.” “it was discovered in 1995.” “really dad.” “yes son however we better get back home.” “okay but can we come back.” “okay but the flower is remarkable.” “i know dad i’m ready to… Continue Reading →

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