Lost in the rain forest running out of supplies and we dont know whats ahed

5 days later

“Whats that sande.” “its the treesDont get ahed of your salf .””Whats for dener.” “Chrail mix.” “Agen” “I’m not going down there now wood you.” “No” “So just eat what you got okay.” “Any way i think i saw some people to the noth.” “Ye you show that it was not your hed agen.” “I’m not liing.” “Cool we can head there in the moning sounds good.” “sounds good.”


“Ris and shun sleepy head hes your brefst were heding noth arember.” “Ye I do.” “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

“What was that.” “Get up we need to get out of here.” “Why because that wa ner buy.” “Look bhin you.”