My new Nephew

Recently my nephew has been born and he is so funny, when he wants to be. Otherwise he is sleeping or having a nappy change, playing or having a bath. It has been fun to look after him, he can be annoying at night by waking everyone up. He can roll on his side and […]

B T N Tassie devils

1. Tasmanian devils are facing distinction due to a facial cancer caused when they scratch each other,A virus causes the cancer and there is no cure. they are hoping that breading in captivity will save the Tasmanian devil by stopping them being affected by the virus and it dying out.     2. the cancer […]

100 word challenge

The planet Pluto might be a planet once again because the definition of a planet has changed. Pluto is still a dwarf planet but it might change.       why is to small     has any one went to Pluto what is Puto

100 word challenge

BANG! I’m feeling scared. I don’t know when I will get to go home. I am a witch hunter. If the god gets released our lives will be doomed. I hope to see my infant son and my wife again. Where we are now that doesn’t seem like it will happen. All I can do […]

Two convicts stole a place in history

1.In early Australia the guards got horrible pay and they suffered from brutality and homesickness. Some Guards wanted to get caught stealing so they could get sent to Australia as a convict and a better life. Instead they get put as an example of showing what could happen and were made to be shackled in […]

100 word challenge

“Touch the flower gingerly son.” “okay dad.” “it was discovered in 1995.” “really dad.” “yes son however we better get back home.” “okay but can we come back.” “okay but the flower is remarkable.” “i know dad i’m ready to go home dad.” “okay lets go home, the flower was really yellow son” “Yes dad […]


Hi, my name is George. I am applying for SRC and I believe that I will be the best for the job. I am good at talking in front of crowds. I am reliable, honest and trustworthy. I also believe in the importance of learning through play. Therefore, I will fight for teachers not to […]

Hello world!

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